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There are a few reputable Bangkok law firms. Some Bangkok law firms have offices locally and some even have offices overseas. Finding which one to use is usually easy by looking at how long they have been around and what services they offer. Do they offer litigation services, what about visa and property services? It is important when you are spending money to ensure that the firm you are dealing with is reputable and well known. Fly by night law firms that have been around for less than 2  or 3 years are just simply bad news. Find the reputable Bangkok law firms which will offer not only value for money but the expertise you can count on.

For all the years I have spent in Thailand is always amusing how many people ignore what they would not back home. So many people who arrive in Thailand are simply put - naive! They think that Asia is the same as the UK or the US when it is not. The property market in Thailand is largely unregulated and even though there is a Thai law society, they DO NOT have a fidelity fund so if your attorney runs off - that your pension or investment money gone. Yes, everyone looks trustworthy, however, ask yourself first and foremost - Would I do this at home?

Should the worst happen to you, you will spend years trying to recover your money from not only an attorney who has lost it but from a property developer who has no experience or funding. Buying off-plan in Thailand is very common. It is also very risky when the developer is new or unknown. The well-known developers such as Raimond Land are well funded and reputable - however what about Somchai Property Developers with the great website? Always check with a reputable attorney and have due diligence done on the property you are looking to purchase. Browse internet web forums such as Thai Visa for information about the law firm you wish to use in Bangkok, Pattaya, Hua Hin or wherever you wish to buy or pay for a legal service.


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