Bangkok Law Firms

There are a few reputable Bangkok law firms. Some Bangkok law firms have offices locally and some even have offices overseas. Finding which one to use is usually easy by looking at how long they have been around and what services they offer. Do they offer litigation services, what about visa and property services? It is important when you are spending money to ensure that the firm you are dealing with is reputable and well known. Fly by night law firms that have been around for less than 2  or 3 years are just simply bad news. Find the reputable Bangkok law firms which will offer not only value for money but the expertise you can count on.


Thailand Law Firms

Law firms in Thailand

There is the old adage – penny wise and pound foolish. Many expats and visitors to Thailand look for law firms in Bangkok, Pattaya and even Phuket and Samui for law firms on the cheap. They want to save a buck here and there without thinking of the possibility that something can and will go wrong. Ask yourself first and foremost why is it cheap. Where are the cuts being made in order to save? Very possibly the person you speak to is not an attorney and never has even been to a law school. Yes, on the internet everything is possible. A high school dropout could portray himself as an attorney much like a boiler room operator wants you to believe that he is a stockbroker.


Bangkok Attorneys

Thai Attorneys in Thailand

Your chose of Thai attorneys in Thailand will never be really easy unless you have been to Thailand before or have been advised by a friend or family member who has been in Thailand for a while. There are many forums in Thailand but basing your choice of Thai attorney or Thai law firm without meeting them can be a tricky issue. Thailand, unlike your home country, has a law society however they do not operate trust fund accounts or have indemnity insurance.