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Your chose of Thai attorneys in Thailand will never be really easy unless you have been to Thailand before or have been advised by a friend or family member who has been in Thailand for a while. There are many forums in Thailand but basing your choice of Thai attorney or Thai law firm without meeting them can be a tricky issue. Thailand, unlike your home country, has a law society however they do not operate trust fund accounts or have indemnity insurance.

Thailand has many law firms or businesses that want you to leave you with the impression that they are real. Many expat law firms operate out of service offices with your calls routed to their home telephones. Buying online has never been easy as you never know when you are buying a pup. Here are some easy rule of thumb procedures to see if you are wasting your time and money:

 1. Is the law firm registered?

Law firms in Thailand must be registered as it is controlled by the Thai law society. Never use a law firm that is not registered as it may leave you with problems late.

2. How old is the law firm?

That is easy to check by going onto any Thailand Forum and using the search button to see when was the first post ever made with the name of the law firm in Thailand. Thai Visa is a good forum that is used by expats!

3. One man band?

Using any law firm that is run and managed by a sole owner is never a good idea. Firstly, what happens if the sole owner dies in a car accident - what happens to your case and your money since there is NO INDEMNITY INSURANCE in Thailand. What happens if he decides to move away, how will you find him?

4. Web photos?

Is the law firm real? Do they have pictures of their office - not photoshop or internet photos but real photos. If not, then what are they hiding from you? Make certain you are dealing with a real law firm and not a man in an apartment block or located next to a massage parlor. Visit their offices or get a friend to visit them. If they can't afford proper office space - what does that tell you?

5. There is no fool like an old fool!

Get proper advice and obtain the services of an attorney - no not one who tells you he is retired from who knows where. Get a real attorney. Many property companies have a 'white face' on staff who they would like you to believe is an attorney when he is not. Be very careful out there. Pick a law firm who has been around - better yet a Bangkok Law Firm with multiple office across Thailand.


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